How do I make subcategories?

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    I understand the section \\\\\\\” categories\\\\\\\”, but can\\\\\\\’t figure out how to create a parent category and then subcategories. At present I am just creating what seems to be all parent categories. As more data starts getting posted I will also need to change some of those into subcategories. HELP. I\\\\\\\’ve spent hours trying to figure it out but I\\\\\\\’ve got major brain freeze on this one. Marco- Art Out Miami
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    OK! So, you can make a category a sub (or child) category when you create it, or you can go back and edit it at any time to do the same thing.

    You can edit a category form Posts > Categories in your dashboard by clicking on the title of the category in question. You’ll then be presented with the category edit page where you can change the value in the “Parent” box to make the category in question a subcategory.

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