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  1. Ciao tutti!

    When I've made a sub-category, under the main category ... nothing seems to change on my blog. It's seems even though I've made a sub-category it visually lists it on the blog as a main category.

    Or maybe I should be calling these parent categories ...

    I know, Im even confusing myself.

    I hope someone can help me.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi there,
    If you have a custom menu don't foget you need to add that sub-category page to it and indent it.

  3. Thank you for the fast link! Wow. Ok. Im on my menu page and made a custom page...but I can't find where I can add the categories. It only give me my pages to add.

  4. Do I add a custom link of the category? I kinda don't think so. Hmmm...

  5. OH DUH! I see the category box! Im such a dolt! Thank you so much!!! I hope this works!

  6. What are the Category and the sub-category names please? Note: There must be at least one published post with in a Category or a sub-category assigned to it in order for that Category or sub-category page to be generated by the software so you can add it to your custom menu.

  7. Post again if you need more help. :)

  8. Ok...sorry and thank you for the information!

    I've made my menu Sardinia Information and have selected all the categories that I want under that menu ... but I don't see the menu when I view my blog. The categories are listed the same all under one another, nothing changed. Why?

  9. Ok. First a BIG thanks. Second, adding a 'menu' is not what I wanted. It removed all other menu headers and used the categories as a header.

    This is what I'm striving for:

    <title> All Things Sardinia
    <cat> ---- Sardinian Culture
    <cat> --- Sardinian How To's
    <cat> --- Sardinian Traditions

    I've added these catergories which All things Sardinia as the Parent category.

    When I view my blog it doesn't look like above, it's just listed one under the other.

  10. When I edit example "Sardinian Culture" to be parent under Sardinian Daily life it shows the list like above, but only in the edit screen. When I view my blog it's a perfect straight list with no changes.

  11. Guys,

    I'm also having the same problems as laavventure.

    My blog's

    Under my latest bost (Embassy Empress) - I've put it under Bars -> Ladies Nights -> Tuesdays

    Unfortunately on my actual blog, where the Categories are, they do not show it in "hierarchy" but just all as individual Categories.

    Help! Same problem

  12. thistimethisspace

    Hi there,
    I'm sorry what I provided did not reslut in a fix for you. flagging this thread fo Staff attention.

  13. @laavventura: Are you referring to the header menu or to the sidebar? If the latter, do you mean you want "All Things Sardinia" as a separate widget?

    @ashesc: Go to Appearance > Widgets, open the Categories widget, click "Show hierarchy", save.

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