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Categories, tags, and headers?

  1. I am a new user ( and am trying to figure out how to add what I call Headers. On my blog, these would be the main groupings (Archives, Categories, Pages, etc.).

    How do I add, manage and sort these "Headers." If this is the wrong term, please correct me!


  2. What you are describing are not "headers"; they are Pages. You add them here -> Write -> Page
    Some things to be mindful of when it comes to Pages are:
    (1) blogs have only one page that automatically update with the most recent post. This is usually the front page but can be changed;
    (2) Pages are for static content that rarely if ever changes;
    (3) Pages sit outside the blog structure and do not automatically update;
    (4) The only way to update Pages is to "edit" them;
    (5)Pages cannot have categories assigned to them;
    (6) Pages lack the Google juice which your front page posts get;
    (7) Only a couple of themes have Page templates for Archives and Links.

    understanding your blogroll, links and categories

  3. Thanks timethief,

    I did find another blog using the same template I am - On the left side, she has groups such as duclimers, be healthy, etc with links included. Would these be pages?


  4. I just tried adding a page, but it did not give me a new grouping, it just added a new link under the pages "header." I am trying to figure out how to make a new header - I am sure I am using the wrong word.


  5. No on the right side in the sidebar those are Links displayed alphabetically by Categories. Go back to the same blog and look at the very top left side. There you will see Page tabs for "Home" and "About". Please read the info at the link I provided above and then you will understand how your blogroll, links and categories work.

  6. OK - I found what I needed - text widgets!

    Thanks timethief. I appreciate the help.


  7. You're welcome - happy blogging :)

  8. Timethief, *THANK YOU!* for always been so willing and QUICK to help! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  9. I love hugs - thanks titus2 woman and back at you (((HUGS))) :)

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