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    Is there any way I can get Motif to display categories and tags for every post?

    I have just switched to the Motif theme and discovered that my categories and tags are not displayed with each post. I have been unable to find a way to “turn on” this feature. (BTW, this is true regardless of which browser I use).

    In 4 years of blogging I have used about 10 themes and all have automatically displayed categories and tags at the top and/or bottom of each and every the post. But not Motif.

    The blog I need help with is



    Same problem here. I am sorry it is happening to you, too, but somehow relieved that it isn’t just me being unable to work the theme. Sad. Because otherwise, the theme was just what I needed. Starting over…again.



    Click the post titles to have the full posts display on their own pages and then scroll to the end of the post.
    Categories and Tags: evidence based counterpower, NGO counterpower, social actionSocial Progress Index, wellbeing


    Having the same issue with Motif …

    I have looked again and still no categories, tags or related content shows up on my post – all of these show up when I preview the post, and when I go to dashboard > posts > view once the post has been published.

    I create my posts by going to dashboard > posts > add new – the dashboard shows all my categories (which I check and have used for some time so they do have posts assigned to them), I can add the tags and it is set to standard post format. Any ideas as to why they were there a week or so ago, and now they are not (also using Motif).


    The blog I need help with (as above comment of mine) is



    To be crystal clear on this there is no issue. Click any post tile and the post will display on its own page. Scroll to the bottom.

    I see:
    Join the Debatedebate, expat, immigrants, immigration, join the debate, media, travel



    timethief is right, as I discovered. Nevertheless, of 10 or so themes I’ve used, Motif is the only one that requires you to click on the post title to get it to display categories and tags. Maybe not an “issue” but quirky nonethe less.



    Click my username and then click through to my most recent post and scroll down to the end of it, so you know what I mean in the rest of my comment. Know that I have 970 published posts. My blog is set for infinite scrolling and I have a strong traffic flow. However, it loads faster than 88% of all tested websites.

    Actually most of us reduce page loading time by not displaying full posts on the front pages of our blogs. These days visitors are using a variety of devices to load our blogs. Some are still on dial-up and paying for connect time and we have 3 – 4 seconds for the front page to load before they start clicking out.

    The setting here > Settings > Reading is only for the RSS Feed summary and does not affect the posts. Setting it up drives traffic to the post rather than reading it in email or the Reader so we get visits to the full posts that create page views on the blog.

    If you want to display only excerpts on the front page of the blog followed by read more links, you can insert “the more tag” into each post prior to publication.

    Alternatively you can switch to using a theme that automatically displays front page excerpts. This is a list of active themes on that use the excerpt instead of full post content. Here are the themes that do provide that feature >



    Super helpful, all! But I am still confused…trying to set up category pages but can’t seem to do it in Motif. Another quirk or user issues (me)?



    Your issue is a different one. You do not know the differences between static Pages that will never automatically update and dynamic Category pages created by the software that do automatically update.

    Below is an example of a static page URL.

    Study it closely and note that no static Page can automatically update.

    Below is an example of a category URL.
    Study it closely please and note that only dynamic category pages can automatically update.

    Setting up a menu is easy as pie, provided you know the differences between Posts and Pages, and the differences between static Pages, (which will never automatically update) and dynamic Categories pages which will automatically update when you publish Posts with Categories assigned to them.

    Read this carefully

    There are many common errors, misunderstandings and misconceptions when creating custom menus and there are some tweaks you can use to improve your custom menu as well.

    The relevant support docs for creating custom menus, adding categories and sub-categories pages into it and ordering them to create drop downs are at:



    @timethief – I appreciate your time and effort, but I do know the difference between static pages and dynamic category pages, and have used both successfully in the past, but not with Motif. Appearance–>Menus–>Pages/Posts/Links/Format, but no categories. And yes, I have posts in the desired category. Sorry if this is off thread, but since some of us were having a challenge in getting categories to show on the individual posts, I was thinking that it might be related. I will slink back to my cave now and try to figure this out on my own.

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