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  1. In my blog I reordered my categories and it is now totally messed up.

    All I tried to do was :

    I have 50 different categories. I tried to organize them by splitting them into 5 parent categories and 10 sub categories under each parent.

    Now in my Dashboard, I see ONLY my parent category and all the sub categories have gone missing. And all the post counts in his parent category say zero.

    But in my actual blog page, I can see ONLY the subcategories and the PARENT seems to be missing.

    What do I do now? I checked the XML file for my blog and in there, everything seems ot be alright. NO CLUE WHAT TO DO NOW.

  2. @ode2food
    I see you found the other thread and posted there which is good.

    Duplicate thread - people experiencing messed up categories please post in this thread:

  3. It's already been reported. Please do a search of the forum next time before posting, or at least read the titles of the threads on the front page. It saves staff time when they're looking for who to help; they look at the BIG thread first.

    What to do now? I would post to that thread and close this one.

    (thesacredpath, GMTA!)

  4. Sorry about starting a new thread. It's my first time here. Any idea how I can delete this thread? or Can't I?

    And Thanks for your reply on the other thread regarding my problem.

  5. You're very welcome. You can't delete it, but you can mark it "resolved."

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