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Categories vs. Tags?

  1. Just looking for clarification on this...

    It seems to me that the categories in my WP entries behave more like tags -- which is fine by me, but I'm wondering if it's even necessary to have nested categories on my blog.

    For example, I have "Toronto" as a sub-category of "Canada". Are there any advantages to this?!

  2. I covered this yesterday so I'm going to send you over there to that thread.

    Mark, if you see this, how about a FAQ on the subject? :)

    It's up to you as to what you want to do with your blog. Some folks have elaborate systems of categories and subcategories and the like. I think they must have been librarians in a past life. :)

    I use a fairly simple system myself.

    In case of the Toronto and Canada example though, I would use both as Tags and Categories since the post would be about both. I always say that folks need to label their posts as much as possible both to help visitors as well as the search spiders. There are other cities names Toronto around the world I'm sure besides in Canada.

    As to nesting, it's pretty much up to you. If you ever plan to write about other cities in canada, I'd nest.

  3. My bad. I didn't realize that my category widget had options for hierarchical display... Now I know :)

  4. Not a problem. I hope things are a little clearer for you though. :)

  5. There are no other cities called Toronto. We have successfully contained Torontonianism.

  6. You know with a quick search, I can't find any other locations named Toronto.

    Oh wait, here's one.

  7. That is not a city, Dr. Mike.

  8. But it has a rail station. :)

    Oh wait. It closed down...

    It does have a MickyD's though. :)

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