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"categories" (widget exist) but missing on display

  1. dulceiutesarat

    I just created the blog yesterday. I set the "categories" (chosen theme allows that). The problem is that widget "categories" not appear in the RIGHT column . Nowhere appear on the screen (: (: (:
    What should I do???

    please help me :x
    thanks for reply

    The blog I need help with is

  2. dulceiutesarat

    Please, somebody answer me, please!!!

    Excuse, please, my english ... If you don't understand my question, I'll reformulate.

    Tx a lot, friends!

  3. I am not clear on what your issues is. I am clear on the fact that no Categories will display until there is a published post in each category. I also know there are widget visibility settings we use to indicate which pages widgets will display on. I wonder if you have opened the widgets to be sure the conditional visibility settings that indicate which pages the widgets display on are correctly set up. See here:

  4. If you require support in another language please see here for links

  5. dulceiutesarat

    Timethief, thank you very much for the answer.

    Unfortunately I can't find forum in Romanian Language (my language)...

    I searched the widget visibility "button" but I can't find. That must be the problem. I keep searching...

    I'm sorry, I'm so dummy with technical support ....

    Tx a lot, I didn't resolve yet the problem :( .... I'll try over and over an I' come back to tell you :)

  6. dulceiutesarat

    Timethief and all my friends can help me, in "mine sidebar" is not like into widget support (see link in your post).

    I follow like so: appearance->widget->mine sidebar->categories (or archive ...)->mine sidebar-> .... and here is no button with "visibility" ... I have just "delete" or "save widget" but no "visibility" , nothing like these :(
    What can I do? Is something wrong into mine sidebar, is incomplete!!!!

    That must be the problem! Is nobody here in wordpress (admin) activate me this "visibility"?
    I wrote one title category but still does not appear this "visibility" button.

    Tx for your patience with me!

  7. It is not the Visibility problem. It is that categories do not show up until you have at least one post in that category. Write posts. Then the categories will show up.

  8. dulceiutesarat

    Raincoaster, tx for the answer.

    I'm stupid! I don't know this basic: from where can I Write a post into a category created.

    I,m sorry!

  9. dulceiutesarat

    Raincoaster I write the second post (yesterday i posted the first) but appear just in Home page. From where can I translate into a category created ?


  10. dulceiutesarat

    transfer* .... not "translate" ...i'm sorry!

    Into this second post I want to insert a imagine from my computer but it don't work. Into the first post I drag&drops that imagine but here I want imagine+text. From "img" button I must wrote a URL address (http//....) but I don't want something like this. I want to insert a photo from my computer.


  11. timethief

    thanks you so much!!!
    i needed to publish at least one post to a category to cause category to be listed in the list. it turned out, that empty categories didnt listed..

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