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    I have a new blog — — and so far I have four categories. I’ve used the categories widget and everything is working fine except that when you clink on one of the categories, it takes you to the latest entry. Is there a way that the various entries in the category will display instead so the reader has a choice? (‘Snippets’ for example has several entries.) I’ve created a Site Map page and linked everything, but would like to have the posts show up when the category is selected. I’m using the Quentin theme.

    I’ve read through the FAQs and posts but don’t find this explained. Forgive me if it’s a stupid question, I’m a newbie.



    You have set your blog to only display one post on an index page. All archive pages (categories e.g.) respect this setting so you’ll have only the youngest post showing up with a tiny “Older Entries” link on the bottom.



    Thanks, that makes sense. I think what I’m really trying to find out is if there’s an option of having the various posts in a category show up as a list when the category is selected as opposed to going straight to one of them.

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