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    I’ve trying for some weeks to change the categories and create put new in sub-categories. However, no matter what I do, some categories just keep on the site, and even whe I create new categories or sub-categories, the same categories as before keep appearing.

    How can I solve this??

    I’m looking forward!

    The blog I need help with is



    We can’t do a thing to help without a link to your blog, starting with http://

    Your username is currently linked to something on facebook.

    For information on how to link your username, see the post at the top of the forums: 8 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.Com Forums



    “The same categories as before keep appearing?”

    Well, yes, when you’re adding categories the others stay there in the widget. The new ones just get added. Have you configured your widget to show subcategories?



    Is this the blog in question or not?

    For setting up your Categories widget display options , in order to display sub-categories (hierarchy) please see here. >


    Also note that if you are trying to edit or delete category names, if you have a tag with the same name, the category cannot be deleted. What you have to do is delete the tag first and then you will be able to delete or edit the category name.



    Also, please note that the widget will only display categories with at least one published post.


    I have a different problem. When I click on the categories instead of displaying the posts on my blog it goes to entire wordpress blogs to find the same categories. Is this by design or my settings or incorrect?


    The categories and tags in the post metadata above or below the post will link to the wordpress.COM global tags pages and since they have a very high search engine ranking, you end up sharing in that ranking and your blog will show up higher in searches. Also most people end up getting quite a number of visitors from the tags pages.

    The tags and categories widgets will link locally to only the posts on your blog.

    You can also go to settings > privacy and set your blog to block search engines and then your tags and categories under or above your posts will go local.

    Last option: Use the iNove theme which allows you to turn off the category and tags display under or above the posts at appearance > theme options.


    @sacredpath: I have an opposite problem – my tags/categories under a post used to go to the global pages, but my widget categories link locally. Now suddenly it’s all local – the tags/categories under posts no longer leave my blog.

    Also, I’ve just tried to add categories and it appears ot work but they arent’ appearing in my category cloud widget?



    @maureenholland-I just looked at your blog and all the tags/categories at the bottom of your posts do lead to the global tag pages. (Example: Politics leads to

    Links in Widgets (Category and Tag) all lead back to your own posts and always have. (Example: Politics leads to

    New Categories/Tags you add will not appear in the Widget until they have a post associated with them. Can you give us an example?


    @thesacredpath – Thanks for the tips. It looks like turning off using the theme options may be the best option. Does this mean I am blocking search engines or it is just not displaying in the page?



    The only way to block search engines is to change your Privacy>Blog Visibility settings to anything other than “I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archivers”

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