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Categories widget works but not display the arrow...

  1. Hi. I was wondering why my categories widget, although it's working fine, does not display the arrow indicating that the field is a dropdown.

    As I said, it's working fine though. Right above I use the archives widget that shows the arrow...

    I use it on my left footer area for widgets...

    Thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What arrow? I've been here for over 7 years and cannot recall an arrow. The only configuration options are described here >

  3. Check the archives widget. The user visually knows that it's a dropdown. The categories widget does not show. It.'s the one on the right side of the widget / word...

    As I said, it's just a visual thing. Technically it's working. The URL you sent me has a snapshot that shows it, check it out...

  4. Sorry but I cannot see it so once again I'll tag this for Staff.

  5. Here: "Show as dropdown – Check this box to display the categories in a drop down menu rather than as a list. This is handy if you want to save space or have a lot of categories."

    As you can see, there is visually after the "Select Category"...

  6. Ok, thanks.

  7. Pardon me but I am not clear on this. Are you saying the option for configuring the widget as a drop-down is missing inside the widget?

  8. No, I'm saying that although is set as a dropdown, it does not show the widget as a dropdown as others widget set as dropdown do, such as the archives one...

    It's missing the arrow, such as we have as a scroll down, you know? Again: it's working, but the arrow is not appearing...

  9. I just set this Categories widget up to display as a drop-down in a test blog and I see an arrow on my blog. I went back to yours and now I see the arrow is missing. Sorry, I didn't see it the first time round.

  10. The arrow is hidden because your longest category name (Creedence Clearwater Revival/Revisited) makes the widget too wide for the sidebar of the theme you're using. You need to edit that category and shorten its name.

  11. Ok... :-) glad I made myself clear... :-)

    What are the next steps now?

  12. @justpi
    Tag removed. Thanks for assisting here and bookmarked!

  13. Thanks @justpi...

    Sorry, but I think that if this is the problem , should the name use 2 lines on the widget? This may be happening with other users...

  14. I mean, this is something technical which WordPress should consider... if the user is allowed to create a category with a large name, the widget should be programmed to support that...


  15. It should, but this doesn't change the fact that the only thing you can do at the moment to correct the problem is shorten the name.

    Making a long category name use 2 lines wouldn't be a very good solution: it can be confusing when the rest of the list items are 1 line only. The correct solution is make the width of the dropdown bar independent of the actual contents of the dropdown. This already happens on some themes, but on most themes it has been neglected. You can post a suggestion to WP in the Ideas forum.

  16. OK @justpi, I understand that for now it's the only thing I should do (already did and worked fine). Agree also that this should go to the ideas forum, can you please have it moved?

    Thanks a million. And thanks @timethief for the attention as well.

  17. Another feedback: although it worked on the computer, using an iPad this remains the same... I need to have the iPad on "landscape mode"... so this means this should be escalated in WP for the benefit of all...


  18. No, this thread should remain in the Widgets forum, because it refers to the problem and the here-and-now solution. If you wish, you post your suggestion as a new thread in the Ideas forum.

    And here's an example of what I meant. Dropdown bar confined to sidebar width:
    Expands to accommodate content:

  19. (Doesn't show on the second screenshot, but obviously there's a very long category name further down the list.)

  20. @justpi, will do that and link to this forum.

    Thanks also for the snapshots - that's exactly what I was talking about.


  21. Hi there, I've been testing a long category name with the Opti theme but I'm not seeing what you did; the categories ropdown menu is expanding to fit the width of a long category name.

    Would you mind letting me know the exact wording of your long category so I can test it? Thanks!

  22. @kathrynwp, thanks. Yes, it expands, but once it does that, the selective arrow on the right is not shown - @justpi is aware of that.

    I changed my longest category name and now the arrow is back - I just don't agree that I should do that, as "a user", this is something the programmers should be worried about to fix. As @justpi said:

    "The correct solution is make the width of the dropdown bar independent of the actual contents of the dropdown. This already happens on some themes, but on most themes it has been neglected. ".

    That's why I reposted this on the Ideas' forum.

    Thanks a lot!

  23. @kathrynwp: This is the problem:
    The dropdown always expands when a category name is wider than the width of the sidebar. It's the dropdown bar that shouldn't expand accordingly (and get partially hidden): it should be confined to the width of the sidebar (as on the screenshots I linked to in my previous reply).

  24. @justpi, you're correct, but I still think that the arrow should always appear for the user... anyway, that's just a suggestion now...



  25. ? That's what I'm saying too: the dropdown bar (including the arrow) shouldn't be allowed to become wider than the sidebar.

  26. OK, thank you.

  27. Thank you both - I see the problem now and was able to replicate it with a category dropdown menu in the left footer widget area. I'm going to report this to our developers so they can investigate a fix.

  28. Hello, We just pushed out a fix for Opti. The select elements should now fit into their containers. Please let us know how this works for you.

  29. @michaelfields: As I'm pointing out in a previous reply above, this has generally been overlooked. You need to add the same CSS to many other themes.

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