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Categories/Tags question

  1. For each post on my blog, if you click on the tag, you are taken to a WordPress Page. However, if you click on the corresponding tag on the "categories" widget on the side of my page, you are taken to a page hosted on my blog that shows all the posts in the category. How can I make it so that, when a user clicks on a tag on the bottom of a post, they are taken to a page hosted on my blog and NOT the tags page hosted by WordPress?

  2. You can't: that's coded into every WordPress template.

  3. In the new dashboard it shows:

    Blog Stats — Nosy Snoop

    Total Views:

    Best Day Ever:



    Tags: 3

    I don't do tags. So what are these 3 tags that I have??

  4. Technorati (however you spell it) calls them tags. WordPress calls them categories. :)

    Tech. sees them as indexing hints when that site sees those links within a post. WordPress puts them all together and lets you index your posts by categories within your own blog.

    Hope this helps,

  5. And 3 categories I have. THANKS!

  6. I wish would show both categories and tags under the posts in a blog. "Posted in" should show my local categories, "Tagged as" could go to to WordPress tags.

  7. What's stopping you from adding them into your post?

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