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    I hope this hasn’t already been asked and answered, I looked in the forum but didn’t see what I was looking for…

    I just started making categories today and thought that once I assigned certain posts to certain categories, those posts would move out of my “main page” ( blog and only be seen in the specific category that I put them in. But all my categorized posts are showing up on my main page and I don’t want that, it’s messy and doesn’t flow well. Can I make it so that it’s like sub sites within one site? For example, I don’t want the second sticky entitled “Recipes: Yours & Mine” to be on that page; It’s meant to be a sticky for the Recipes page of my Recipes Category. Basically what I’m asking is, do all posts that are created, uncategorized and categorized, end up on the main blogger’s page and can it be fixed? Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    Yes, all posts show up in the main posts page. If you don’t want that, set a static front page.



    Thanks. After quickly looking up “static front page” I noticed that others have asked this already so I’ll read up on it over there.

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