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  1. Greetings - I've searched and searched and there is lots of advice on how to set up categories first and post later. I need to know how to categorize a post I wrote before I created the categories - can anybody tell me how to do that? thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. go to Posts, select the one you want > Edit and choose the category you want it to be and Save it. should work.
    sometimes you can select the category without going to Edit, in the list where all the posts are, you have a column and u can click the cetegory you need.

  3. Thanks Lucas! Now that you've help me overcome that challenge, I notice that one of the categories listed for this post is "Uncategorized" even though I did not check "Uncategorized" as one of the choices. Is that normal? Does every post show "Uncategorized" even when there are other categories listed?

  4. Uncategorized is the default category and the answer to your question is yes. You will find out how to change it in the support documentation for Categories >

  5. Thanks Timethief - that sort-of worked - I changed the default category, which now shows as "Yucatan Yankee," and that category does appear on the post, but the "Uncategorized" category also remains. Why would one of the categories of a multi-categorized post be "Uncategorized" ? I'm categorically confused! Bottom line: I want my uncategorized posts to show "Yucatan Yankee," not "Uncategorized" - I'm following the instructions and it ain't happening - any ideas? I appreciate your input!

  6. You need to edit and designate Yucatan Yankee as the default category do your can remove that designation form Uncategorized.

  7. Okay, I have designated Yucatan Yankee as the default category, and it does appear on the post. But so does "Uncategorized." I don't want any of my posts categorized as "Uncategorized" but I guess I'm just going to have to live with it! Thanks anyway!

  8. Hi - A careful re-reading of your responses and a careful re-working of your suggestions got me what I wanted. THANK YOU BOTH! (I'm a newbie and I'm not good at reading/following directions - bad combination!) ...

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