Categorizing Blogs I follow & exporting them as a list

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    Hi all,

    New blogger here.
    As I’ve been wandering around blogland I got a bit over enthousiastic and started following loads of blogs.
    I love the tab “read blogs”. But, with my blogging-following spree the result is that My “read blogs” is very slow to load.
    (might also be due to plugins like ghostery and https everywhere?)

    1.) I wonder if there is a way or possible development to be able to categorize the blogs I follow and read them per category? That would make loading them faster and makes it more managable for me.

    2.) Also, can people see a list of blogs I follow somewhere?

    3.) Can I make some kind of export of the list of blogs I follow? As sometimes the names and URL are different and I can’t see from the “read blogs” tab which url belongs to the blog. Also, I might want to post this list somewhere if the answer to Question2 is no. And, if it keeps getting slow, I have a backup of my followed blogs and I could make notes on it. (In case the answer to Question 1 is No as well.)

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. I believe everything you need to know about managing the blogs you follow is here:

    Unfortunately, I don’t see anything about exporting on that document. If you would like to enquire about that, I suggest you contact staff directly:



    Thank you for your reply. I had read that site but it didn’t mention anything about categorizing blogs, exporting a list or if others see which blogs I follow. That’s why I asked here, hoping that it might has come up before and I just hadn’t found it on the forum. (As I didn’t think I’d be the first to ask, but it seems I was!)

    I know the “read blog” tab is quite new, so it might still be in development. I’ll ask staff in a few days (busy days ahead) and if allowed, will post he answer here so others with the same question can see the answer. :)



    2.) Also, can people see a list of blogs I follow somewhere?

    I have a Page for blogs that I choose to link to. I prefer using a Page to using a Blogroll Widget. That page is for related blogs that I recommend to my readers. I do not wish to have a list of blogs I follow appearing on my blog at all. So if Staff do provide that then I want the ability to opt-out.



    I do have blogs I follow that don’t have anything to do with my blog and would prefer if they aren’t on it.
    I want to make a page, only I allready am following a lot of blogs and adding it to the page manually is lots of work, that’s why I enquired after an export option.

    I prefer a page above a blogroll widget too.With the widget, the sidebar will become cluttered fast.
    Also, it’s not as pleasent to read & adding more info to the link (about why you should check that blog out for instance) isn’t easy to add. (I hate having to search the sidebar for the thing I’m looking for, I prefer using sitemaps.)

    I think I’ll continue making the page manually ;)



    Make a page that is Private then. Only you can see it.

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