Category “1” Returns After Deletion

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    I have one category on my blog: daily entries. Right now, it’s the only one I need. As I’m typing a new post, however, another category, created automatically and labeled “1,” just shows up. Oftentimes if I haven’t yet clicked “daily entries” for my post, the blog just creates this “1” category and defaults my posting to it—I guess during auto-save.

    At least three times a day, I click on Categories under My Dashboard and delete it, but it keeps returning. Anyone know how to permanently remove or eliminate this? Anyone else experiencing the same thing?




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    Sorry. It is. Forgot the blog address:


    The #1 category is created automatically because you have deleted the default post category (uncategorized) but you have not set another category as the default at settings > writing. Go there and set daily entries as the default and save the changes and the problem will go away.


    Just tried that. I’ll let you know my results. “Daily entries” was the only option in the drop-down box and was already listed for default category. I “saved” again just in case. Thanks for the help.

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