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Category and Menu help

  1. I am trying to format my home page so that each category ie; Novels -will have a menu of my recent post in that category. I wrote a vignette and want to add the title of it (The Girl In The Mist) under the Vignette category but it only shows up in recent posts.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To have a post display in a category archive the post needs to be assigned to that category. Your post is currently marked as "Uncategorized", which is why you don't see it on the Vignette page. Go to Posts ->All posts in the dashboard, click Quick edit under the post title, and change the category to Vignettes, then update the post. You can assign a post to more than one category if you wish.

  3. Hmmm. I tried it but i didn't fix the prob. Am I confusing category with menu? I did what you recommended and under my Vignette category are the links; Musings, uncategorized and vignettes which should actually only have a link to "The Girl In The Mist" article...

  4. Menu refers to the links that appear at the top of your page, at the moment Home, About, and Vignettes. You can add more links there by going to Appearance ->Menus in your dashboard ( Vignettes is a category page:

    The post is now appearing when I click on Vignettes in the menu. That menu link will display all posts in that category with most recent first. If you want an index displaying only the titles of posts you'll need to create a regular page and manually add the titles every time there's a new post.

    Categories are used to sort your posts and are assigned when you create a new post. Pages cannot be assigned categories:

    The area to the right is the sidebar. Go to Appearance ->Widgets. You seem to have three "Categories" widgets with different titles. That widget displays a list of all your categories, not individual posts. The only widgets that automatically display post titles that I know of is the Recent Posts and Top Posts and Pages widgets, but there you can't specify which posts are displayed.

  5. I tried. I have a nice top bar menu now. But on the side menu under let's say, Vignettes where is should say The Girl In The Mist post link says instead;Musings, uncategorized, vignettes. In says it all right down the board under each Menu. I tried deleting categories but it won't let me on the category page.

  6. and aren't my widgets correct?

  7. As I said, those aren't menus. Those are widgets, and specifically category widgets. You cannot display post titles in the sidebar the way you want to.

    Go to Appearance ->Widgets. In the box marked Main Sidebar, what do you see there? From what I see on your blog it should be: "Categories: Novels; Categories: Vignettes; Categories: Musings; Recent Posts; Archives; Recent Comments".

    If that's not what you see, list them for me. If that's what you see, the three Categories widgets are the exact same thing, you just gave them different titles. You cannot use that widget to display post titles.

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