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    Could you change the Elimin theme to prevent the term ‘Category Archives’ from displaying in the category page header? It is otherwise only possible to do this with a Business Premium account by editing the css, but I paid for this as a Premium Theme. It is truly elegant, but this makes it look like the generic free themes. It is a feature which should rightly be part of Elemin Premium. Preferably, only the category name will appear when links are clicked in the Menu – not this:

    The blog I need help with is



    You require either a Premium upgrade or a Business Plan upgrade to edit the CSS on any site hosted by

    Note 1: As you have the required upgrade you can use this link so you can create a thread that will appear in the CSS Forum where you will get the help you need with CSS editing.

    Note 2: You can also post there prior to purchasing an upgrade to get an answer to whether or not what you want to do can be accomplished via CSS editing.

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