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Category as page?

  1. Is it possible to some how show all posts with some category as new page? For example, I'd like to have a page called Education which would show only posts from category Education ( I've read this post and this is what I'm looking for, but I'm interested in something that could work with all themes.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you are properly labeling your posts with categories, then WordPress will automatically generate category pages for you—In any theme:
    For example, if you have posts categorized with "Education," then using a category widget on your sidebar will allow your readers to see a page (or many pages) with all of your posts about education. If you have set your blog to show 5 posts, then readers click on a topic in the category widget and see 5 posts in that category, and have an option to see more "older" posts in the same category.
    Some bloggers want that sort of link to be more prominent than the cat widget allows. Or they want to link to a Google calendar, or other off-site place with top navigation tabs.

  3. Something more prominent that would work with all themes is using a text widget instead of the categories widget. You can write links to your category pages in it, and style them any way you like with html: large, bold, coloured, boxed - you name it. Can even be images instead of text.

  4. Nice idea to use text widget. I guess I can have only one, right?

  5. No, you can have many text widgets.

  6. The drawback is that eeach time you add a new category, you'll have to update it manually, while the categories widget does that automatically.

  7. Which means that you can copy and paste the new category links, not that you must write the html links by hand.

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