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category assigned page showing on both pages

  1. Hi all

    I've added a new blog post that was categorised under 'Very important opinions' on and it has shown up on both the 'Bleats' category page and the 'VIO' category page.

    Any advice or guidance on why this may be?

    Thank you!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Because the "Bleats" item you have added to your custom menu isn't a category page, it's the page you've set as your posts page (the one that displays all your posts, regardless of category).

  3. Is there any way to separate them? I thought the two-menu theme would have separated them.

  4. Custom menus display only what you tell them to display. You can separate whatever you please, but first you need to make up your mind and correct things accordingly. You created a page titled Bleats and you set this page as your main posts page; but you also categorized some posts under a Bleats category: doesn't make sense. Do you want your menu to include a link to that category as well as a link to your main posts page, or not?

  5. Sorry - I'm confused. If I wanted to keep the pages displaying different posts I should only categorise one of them? Should I have my homepage as my main page?

  6. "Should I have my homepage as my main page?"
    That's up to you: the homepage can display your latest posts or a static intro page. If you don't want all the posts on the same page, you opt for static intro. (On the other hand, static intro on the homepage is ok for new visitors but latest posts on the homepage is more convenient for returning visitors.)
    So your menu could be:
    a) Home link (to static homepage) + link to main posts page + links to each category.
    b) Home link (to static homepage) + links to each category (without a link to main posts page).
    c) Home link (to main posts homepage) + links to each category (with or without a link to an About page as well).
    After you decide I can tell you what to do next.

  7. Thank you so much for your help.

    I'd like option b) please!

  8. You're welcome.
    First go to Pages > All Pages and trash the Bleats page.
    Then go to Appearance > Menus: open and delete the current Bleats item, select the Bleats category from the Categories module, click Add to Menu, drag it above the other item if that's the order you prefer, save.

  9. Wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!

  10. You're welcome!

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