Category bug. missing but there.

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    Okay, so i was making this CV-Portfolio blog (only random post data atm ofc) and so i had made a category 1991. The parent of 1991 was Uncategorised (by mistake). For some idiotic reason, i renamed uncategorised to my native language, and 1991 was gone since it was uncat’s child.
    and here comes the problem, (no, i didnt lose any posts, since 1991 was empty at the time of deletition) since i could’t find 1991 anywhere, i made a new one, as a child of the right portfolio category this time. but portfolio is now showing two 1991’s, one empty, and one with a post, also, the bugged 1991 is NOT anywhere in admin panel, except in the child/parent dialog.

    not only that, but i got one more category (was a test one) in the same situation, but it doesnt bother me, since it’s not visible on the site, and is named dwwd, so i can easily tell that its bugged.

    The blog I need help with is


    Your “Portfolio” widget is a Custom Menu widget: doesn’t update automatically. You need to go to Appearance>Menus, open and remove the useless category, click Save Menu.

    But you’re right about the bug: child categories aren’t deleted when their parent is renamed or deleted, so they shouldn’t disappear from the Post Categories list; please report to staff:

    By the way, you don’t lose any posts if you delete a category: they are reassigned to the category you’ve set as your default post category in Settings>Writing.



    Thank you very much sir!
    Will do as you told me in a minute, see if it goes well :)

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