Category button is Altered and Nonfunctional

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    I just wrote a new post and when trying to put the Category to it, the layout of the Category bar in my admin is screwed up and nothing works. Tags and other functions are fine. I am pretty new to WordPress so if I have just asked something stupid, forgive me. I have looked on forums for the same problem but have not found it. Thanks



    Please give us a direct link to your blog, starting with http and be a little more specific about “screwed up” if you can.




    Basically, when I was writing the post and scrolled down to fill Tags and Categories, the Categories layout is out of wack, overlapping and non-functional. Tags works but other functions Excerpt, etc. do nothing when I click on them. Post was published(latest one). Logged out and back and will check for the possibility there is a nasty in my system playing around. Yes, I am really reaching but it is just so simply obnoxious. Thanks for helping.



    Hmm, you don’t seem to be showing on the global pages, either. That might be a bug: try changing your language setting to any other language, save, then change it back. Save again. Most people report that fixes things.

    Try doing the Cookie Dance: log out, clear cache and cookies, restart computer. That might set it right. If not, you’ll have to contact staff when Support reopens.



    gambit50: I checked your dashboard and the Categories portion of the New Post tab looks normal to me. Clear your browser cache and force a refresh on that page (shift-reload or shift-refresh) – if it’s still a problem, please send a screen capture to support if you can.

    raincoaster: Not appearing in tag listings is not a bug; brand new blogs aren’t always featured there for the first few days.



    Yes, but we’re still getting reports of old-timers not showing up also, and that seems to clear it up for them. I thought it might be that.



    Issue is resolved. It was one of a couple choices, not sure which. Thank you for your help.


    I have had this same problem as gambit50 on my oqn (Andreas09) blog at
    I tried the suggestion posted by raincoaster on may 7 but it did not affect the problem: (cleared cache, rebooted computer, changed blog language out of english and back a couple of times) but no luck yet.

    I have nice jpeg of the categories button that I can send to support, but wanted to trya nd resolve it through the forum before burdening the wizards with another request.

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