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  1. I want to add a Category Cloud to my sidebar. I inserted the widget and it appeared just fine, and looked nice. But it doesn't actually work or link to posts. I started categorizing previously uncategorized posts and they did show up in the sidebar but UNDERNEATH the Category Cloud as links. It looked awful so I removed the widget for the time being.

    I'm using Dusk theme. I usually have no problem with widgets, which is why I suspect I'm missing something so obvious that I must be a moron. It can't be a plug-in, right, because I thought plug-ins were not allowed on

    Any help on how to set up the Category Cloud widget would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  2. The category cloud I see in your sidebar looks correct to me. Most of your posts are uncategorized, so that's the largest one. I don't see any individual posts, only that the categories are links themselves - to the posts in that category.

  3. Vivianpage,

    I took out the category cloud. It's not there right now. Where do you see one?? Now I'm confused.

  4. It's gone from your blog now (I assume this is the blog you're talking about )

    What I saw was a list of words underneath that picture that says "I'm a proud supporter!" None of the words were clickable. Then under that I saw links to categories. I didn't look at the source on your blog - I assumed that was the category cloud.

  5. Yeah, that was the problem. The cloud looked nice, but none of the words were clickable. The links underneath the cloud were. Which didn't make any sense to me - why have a cloud and then the working links below it? I don't how how to make the words in the cloud to link.

  6. There was something wrong, though, because you shouldn't have had that first list of unclickable words. (BTW - I have the category cloud on my blog.) You may need to contact support when they reopen Monday.

  7. Vivian, yours is great. Exactly what I'm trying to do. Did you just put the widget in your sidebar and it worked?

  8. Yep. That's all you do. It is automatically populated by the categories.

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