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    I added a category cloud to my sidebar, then added an exclusion for one category “Computing”
    However, that category still shows up, and I’ve noticed I can put anything in the “Exclusion” section but nothing gets excluded?

    Also, how about similar options for the Tag Cloud which has no options other than “Name”

    The blog I need help with is


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    I’ll modlook this thread in hope that staff will take a look (they are away at present)—

    On my test blog, in several themes I was not able to eliminate the default category. Is “Computing” your default category?

    I was able to exclude other categories. Have you experimented with that?

    Seems to me that being able to exclude any category, including the default should be possible, but it doesn’t seem to be working…


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    Re: Tag Cloud widget
    You are right: it doesn’t have options besides “Name”
    It is also limited to show only 42 (????) categories.
    (some number under 100, I forget exactly…)


    I didn’t know you could set the default, “uncatagorized” seems to be my default.
    I can’t exclude any category


    I suspect you’re trying to exclude the category by typing its name. You need to type its ID number.


    I saw the “ID” reference but since there seem to be no other reference to categories having an ID other than a name I went with that.

    You are correct, by pulling the ID from the URL from the category “edit” link (under post/categories/the category in question) I’ve now blocked a category.

    A blog site and treasure hunt!


    YEAH!!! Thank you, Thank you!

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