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Category cloud as a new page

  1. You should make it possible to add a page that shows a category cloud as seen on the support or forums page. Something like flickr. The cloud can be bigger or smaller based on the number of posts under that category.

    I would love if you can incorporate something like that.

  2. err, i'm not quite sure if you got what drmike and i meant. sending feedback refers to the blogger going to dashboard, clicking the feedback button on the top right hand corner and putting his/her two cents there. then s/he sends it to the wp team which will definitely be read. not all threads in the wp forum are read by the wp team.

  3. Yes, i did that. I don't know what i was thinking. maybe i was hallucinating when i posted it here again. Sorry about that. Can't find a delete button anywhere else. I just sent an email to support.

    Sorry again.

  4. haha, happens to the best of us.

    there is no erase button, that's why. next time if this happens, just press the edit button and erase everything. ppl would get it was posted by mistake.

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