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    I have a category cloud, and it shows “uncharacterized” as my most common category even though I have NO posts in that category. I’ve seen similar questions about the Tag Cloud…Is there a fix for the Category Cloud?



    did you used to have a bunch of posts in the “uncategorized” category? The reason i ask is that sidebar content is cached separately from the rest of the blog, and it might take a little while to update.

    If you didn’t, then this is a problem that you probably need to take up with staff. Use the Support button that is normally available on your Dashboard Monday-Friday and make sure you include the following:

    – your browser
    – your browser version
    – your FULL blog address (not the name, the real address that begins http:// )
    – your FULL username
    – your REAL email address that is registered here
    – and a very good description of the exact problem.



    Hi, Judyb12:

    Yes! I had many “uncharacterized” posts, and I went and put them into their appropriate slot. I expected the cache to be changed immediately, or at least quickly. I’ll give it some time.




    no problem. Some people have reported delays of a few hours, so don’t worry if it doesn’t change really soon :)

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