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    Hello, I am using Imbalance 2 Theme with upgrade and I am trying to make category descriptions that are double spaced below the category archives title
    as is done on the blog “the patterned plate” on this page:

    Also, it would be nice to have the category archives title well centred as I find it on the patterned plate when I am using the fluid grid layout (it centres quite well when it is not in fluid mode).

    As of now, I can only make these descriptions appear just below the category title, leaving a very messy impression, especially if the description is short.
    here is an example:
    it is a long description but the issue is that it doesnt leave a space between the title and the beginning of the description.

    thank you very much
    ps this is a repost, I am definitely hoping for a reply–atleast tell me where I should go to ask this question!

    The blog I need help with is

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