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Category: Diary or Journal?

  1. Since English is not my native language I have to ask this question. One of the categories I use when writing posts is "Diary." But what is most commonly used in English - diary or journal?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. I use "Diary" myself... it sounds so much more personal and friendly, but I'm American so maybe other English speakers would use "journal". It sounds all very proper and "British".... :)

  3. A diary is when you write in it daily.
    A journal is every so often.

  4. A daily diary? Really? ;)

    Maybe so, but not my "Diary", Hehehe.... I'm too goofy to have something worth writing in it daily but again... for me, anyway, personal stuff feels cozy in a "Diary" context. Journal just sounds so.... stuffy and impersonal.

    But to each their own...

  5. Thanks for or your kind answers. I will call it My Diary :-)


  6. evillatenighttv

    I have always thought diary was feminine and journal was masculine.
    Mostly because the only diaries I saw growing up were aimed at girls: pastel colors, frilly lettering, flowers, female cartoon characters. And I think a few even came with dolls at one point.
    Journals were always more masculine looking (they aimed at an older crowd I think): leather bound, solid dark colors, and the title was usually stamped in the leather without all the fanfare of frills and gold.
    So to answer your question from my point of view: Both equally used.

  7. kennethmarkhoover

    A journal is more in depth whereas a diary looks at the broader picture.
    But, quite honestly, call it whatever you want, it's yours! :)

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