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Category Displays In Tag Cloud

  1. I've got one category called "Personal". It's my default category and all of my posts are in it. I've been going through adding tags to all of my old posts. I've got the tag cloud in my sidebar and although I have no posts tagged "Personal", it shows up in the cloud as the most popular tag. When I click it, it takes me to the category page for "Personal".

    Anyone else having this problem?

  2. It was "prior" to the addition of tags when "categories" were also called "tags", so the "tag cloud" is really just a "category cloud" right now.


  3. We now have two different cloud widgets. One is for tags and one is for categories. I would assume that they are separate and that a category shouldn't display in the tag cloud or vice versa.

  4. I stand corrected! I just put them both on my blog and they are showing up (with what they are supposed to). Maybe try putting them both on your blog or editing them so you can save them and see if that helps get them showing the right information.


  5. I tried adding both widgets and saving, and then removing the tag cloud and saving. The category cloud is working correctly, but the tag cloud is still doing the same thing. I'll contact support in the morning if it hasn't corrected itself.

    Thanks, Trent!

  6. It updated at some point during the night and "Personal" no longer appears under my tag cloud. :)

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