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    Is it possible to disable the parent page titles from clicking? The two pages I’m referring to are “JOURNALISM” and “PHOTOGRAPHY” on on . I can see it’s useful for anyone who wants to include an intro page before diving into the sub-pages. I have no plans on doing that and prefer not to bring readers to an empty page.

    The blog I need help with is


    That is a current drawback of the menu system here. The top level item in the menu is always a link to something. Personally, I would just put a short intro in the top level pages. I know of no other way.



    Thanks TSP. Just needed to confirm that. Nonetheless, it’s another opportunity to combine an image and some text to give it appeal.


    Exactly, and you are welcome.



    @ shimworld

    Nice page! I definitely suggest having something in ‘text’ page, and then the other content in the drop down menu item. As a visitor I expected something to be there, know you said you don’t, but I was looking at it from the perspective of a visitor who does not know.

    The ‘text’ page could just be a resume, or you could include some info, then a link that leads to the drop item “Bruneitimes” or you could just have the text link in the tab, then title your post “Bruneitimes” –it seems like that it what you might want to do now. Just a thought.


    @shimworld: It’s possible:
    a) Custom Links module: type something next to http in the URL field, type title in the Label field, click Add to Menu.
    b) Menu module: open this new Custom link, delete everything in the URL field, drag to desired position, drag subpages under it, click Save Menu.



    quoting TT “bookmarked!” :)


    Panos to the rescue with another “trick.”



    I thought I was quite the seasoned user and know my WP Dashboard from my car’s dashboard but seems I was wrong. I can’t figure out where “custom links module” is located followed by Menu. Is it the dashboard | links | add new ? Apologies if this is really obvious—I’m just not getting it.


    @shimworld: Sorry, in my reply above I took it for granted that you’re using or that you have to use the new Custom Menu feature: Appearance > Menus.
    See here too:


    I am new to blogging and would like to alter the drop down sub-menu by widening it a bit. Some of the words/topics I am putting in are a bit too wide. Do you know of any way to make the drop-down sub menu listings a little wider?


    @trifectcooking, that would only be possible with knowledge of CSS and the paid CSS upgrade.

    @katarzynka22, don’t spam these technical support forums. I’ve reported you to staff and you are at risk of being banned from the forums.

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