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Category Editing on the fly vanished?

  1. Until yesterday, I could add categories on the fly ... there was a box above the list of categories that let me type a new category into it and the new category would be added.

    Yesterday, the category edit box was "blown out" the side of the template and was unusable.

    Today that category adding box has vanished completely.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

  2. No I can still add categories on the fly on all my blogs. BTW Happy 1st Year Anniversary!

  3. Ah yes,I had forgotten about that:

    Member Since
    November 22, 2005 (1 year)

    Thank you,

    My how the time does fly.

  4. I am going to clear cache and cookies and reboot and perhaps it will all just fix itself.

  5. I'm having the same problem; it appeared last night. Earlier this week I noticed that the box had expanded so much it overlaid my first category and I couldn't use it. Now it's gone entirely.

  6. Sheesh - what can I say /shrugs?/ seems to be working on all my blogs.

  7. Very odd and inconvenient; I wonder if it's theme related? I'm using Dusk.

  8. I'm using K2 Lite I have just posted two articles on two blogs in that theme and added categories on the fly with no problem.

  9. Exactly what happened to Raincoaster happened to me. A large white rectangle appeared over the add category button and then it disappeared. Anyhow, compared to my previous problem of post stats not showing this is nothing. So I am mum. Don't want to sound like I complain all the time. These guys really work hard to keep us going I think. I was at Blogger for 10 days - just 10 days - and that experience was so bad that I feel terrible if I complain about WordPress.

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