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    I am seeing many other WP Blogs(for eg. ) have ‘Categories’ which shows only its own posts. But ‘Categories’ on my blog shows everybody elses similarly tagged posts.How they achieve this? How to skip this Global tagging? Thanks.



    I just found that if I click on the saidebar ‘CATEGORIES’ it work properly.(shows local posts). But any way make the other ‘CATEGORY’ link (which appears below the posts) to work like this?



    You can’t. In their infinite wisdom the admins have decided to edit all themes to behave in this way, and we don’t have the power to change them back.

    I did file a bug report asking them to at least change the title attribute so people knew where the link was heading, but no joy.


    Yeah, that is a rather unfortunate side effect of the global tag option. Not good, in my opinion.



    No doubt – Global Tag Option is a wonderful feature. But, in its current form it confuses & misleads (isn’t it cheating?) the readers of the blog. There can be 2 links with each post, one the good old ‘CATEGORIES’ (Local) & the new Global Tag CATEGORIES. If they can’t do this they should at least rename the current Global Tag CATEGORIES in a honest way.



    I really do not like this global tagging business. Is there any way to not participate. Rather disturbing.. this lack of control over my personal blog.



    If you uncheck the ‘search engines’ box under General Options that should at least stop your posts being indexed in the global tags, though it won’t get rid of the links on your template. (If this doesn’t work, that’s a pretty big bug, and you should report it through feedback.)

    Of course, that option disables a lot of other stuff as well. Like Google.


    i hope there is a way to disable global tags. my blog is very personal (my categories are named quite differently) and i don’t think i’d benefit from having my categories shown to all as global/technorati tags.


    I point out again that “personal” blogs, and “privacy”, are generally not found using In point of fact, NOTHING is particularly private on a blog, unless you’ve contacted the admins and begged for them to stuff you into the “adult” section. I know there was some talk maybe a month back about what sort of privacy controls were being added; I don’t know that they WERE added, or anything more – perhaps dig through the archives?

    [To the “keymaster”: Bad juju guy…. you just don’t seem to get that you shouldn’t manipulate behind peoples’ backs just because you can…. BAD IDEA, global tagging, unless you wanted to GIVE PEOPLE THE OPTION UP FRONT….]



    OK, I just lost a long reply because I can’t stay logged in. So I’ll just give you the link: Nothing about global tags there, but it would be common sense to disable it for users who don’t want to be indexed by google or the dashboard. Not that this guarantees anything.


    Yeah…. I already had done that, but I’m pretty sure some of my truly silly posts show up in the global tagging dreck as well. Which is why I maintain there’s nothing private about a blog on .com. And of course, nothing I post is of any value to anyone, or NEEDS to be private. But there are those who do seem to want that privacy….


    what i actually want is when i click on a category where a specific post is filed under (MUSIC, for instance), i want to be redirected to the MUSIC category of the blog, not


    You can do that using the cat name in the sidebar. You just can’t do it using the one under the post….



    I consider Global Tags feature both annoying and confusing for readers and authors as well:

    * it breaks site navigation (#12)

    * it drives away readers (including myself) from the actual blog to another, sometimes *unexistant* direction.

    I beleive that a fair compromise could be achived if the post meta section to include both local and “global” tags (or still *categories*?), like for instance:

    Filed under: Tags [W], AnotherLocalTag [W]

    where bracketed ‘W’ could be both capital, bold, underlined, deep blue on yellow at same time, so nooone would miss: “a zeitgeist of what’s popular in the last 48 hours”

    otherwise, in the time being one has to be content with Lorelle’s advice on this topic.



    For the record I agree. I do not like the Global Tags system. At the very least, I would rather see first the local categories followed by the global ones. Even when one uses technorati links, they are normally labeled as such. Not so here.



    Have submitted another feedback asking for this to be implemented. Apart from anything else, having the same text link to two completely different pages violates accessibility guidelines, and at the very least we need the explicit ‘title’ attributes I suggested a month ago.



    yo, “ask and ye shall receive”, indeed!

    these nice gentlemen restored normal categories links behavior in the post meta section.

    they ain’t global anymore (I hope).

    thank you so much, folks!



    Where did the global tag links go? Both my categories sidebar and the links beneath each post both now lead only to my local categories, and not to the tag page.



    Maria, you can *always* add links to the *global tags* on your sidebar by at least three methods:

    * add links to the ‘Bookmarks’ (former ‘Links’) section on Dashboard

    * use a ‘Text’ widget

    * you can even have 10 last posts titles (and a partial source as a ‘title’ attribute: mouse over a post title link) on global tags you’re interested in by using an ‘RSS’ widget



    why did you just turn *local* categories back to *global* tags?

    sidebar ‘Categories’ widget can *see* only first level entries — now there’s no chance to get on nested ones nither from sidebar nor from post meta section.

    the blog navigation is completely broken this way cause there’s no local /user/tags.php which could mere serve a simple site map.

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