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    Obviously there are people who prefer one or the other. In general the consensus seems to be toward global tags, but I think for “private” blogs it makes sense for them not to particpate in the global tag conversation.



    can only imagine about methods used to measure the consensus “in general”, but at length I can not see a consensus on this (and similar) topic in particular. neither in its first meaning (Agreement) nor another (practice of getting such agreement).

    the point is about site navigation and its usability, not that *private* matter, or [anti]participation “in the global tag conversation”.

    “the private blog” — is just an oxymoron per se.

    Obviously there are people who prefer one or the other.

    Obviously, there is no choice for “other” people left — it’s just not fair.

    why not just give people an opportunity to decide for themselves where should links point in *theirs* UG content metadata to?

    what’s wrong with a compromise decision on style ="meta" proposed some posts above?

    ok, global tags may go first/bold/red (but _labeled_ as global) and local categories would be in brackets or whatnot (but the same type height and not gray).

    let us have a *real* consensus, why not?



    The original post in this topic asked how individual users were managing to get WP global tags tied to their specific blog as if they owned the entire tag. I think that the answer to that lies in the discussion under the following post:

    I reported this potentially exploitable bug through the feedback, but I haven’t heard anything from admins.



    I suppose that an author of the original post in this topic was simply confused by the fact that categories links in *his/her* posts meta-section points to someone’s else posts:

    But ‘Categories’ on my blog shows everybody elses similarly tagged posts.

    alas, I didn’t get the point about “potentially exploitable bug” — could be discussed in the appropriate thread you’ve mentioned.



    The place for the ‘global tag conversation’ is on the global tags page. Or in a sidebar widget called global tags. Or, even, in a little list beside the timestamp labelled global tags.

    Would a little ‘title’ attribute saying ‘view other posts with this tag on’ really be such a terrible thing? It’s not the presence of the global tags which annoys me so much as your refusal to identify them as such. It’s like deep down you know they’re stupid and you’re ashamed of them ;)



    it seems like an option to have links to one’s *local* categories is just going to be a small extra paid feature [:-)]

    else, I can not see any reasonable explanation of such an obstinate denial of existance this problem (which can be sorted just so easily in fact).



    Laziness. They’d have to re-edit all the themes and it’s just too much trouble.



    actually, just a couple of lines in the:


    (about 5min)



    wow, you’re right. they are being unreasonable.



    guess, it’s not laziness — that’s business.

    paid services need a billing. working one, w/o bugs and glitches. billing — (even if it’s not a stateofart) is nowise a ‘publishing platform’.

    hope guys just simply buy the best task appropriate billing funding money can buy, though being tempted to code their own.

    ok, even the best billing hacked by professional developers needs to be fastened somehow to the wpcom and that’s probably no picnic too.


    Any chance that we’re going to have an option or do I need to go elsewhere? I hate showing my category list because it’s long and cumbersome. That’s why I brought my blog here; for my own categories.

    Any chance? This straight up sucks.,



    Probably best bet would be to find a host for your blog and either install WordPress yourself or have them do it for you. Most hosters have autoinstallers that will install WordPress for you.



    I definitely like that there are global tags, because they allow me to browse for people who are writing on the topics I’m interested in, and have sent people to my blog for the same reasons. They promote the discovery of new blogs and interaction between users.

    However, I agree with most of the other commenters that tags within one’s blog should refer to local content.



    yea. its pretty confusing to the readers. they click on the ‘posted in ABCD’ link and are lost.

    most of the readers of my blog are not bloggers. so some asked me whether i wrote all those posts which appear when they click on the ‘posted in ____’ link.

    can u please correct this. atleast give us an option to change it.

    thank u



    Send in a feedback. Myself and others have suggested labeling the liunk differently which is done elsewhere. Hopefully we can convince Matt to change on this one. :)



    I suppose, this time it is rather Donncha who needs to be convinced. unfortunately he likes his creative feature very much, although in his own blogs (, used separate lines: one for local blog categories and another for tags (local or external tag-aggregator’s like ‘technorati’).



    Count me as another vote against having my post tag links go to global content.

    That is very unintuitive, and not what I would want to happen when I’m in the middle of browsing someone’s blog.

    When I’m at the bottom of a post I just read looking at those tag links I want to know what else that particular person has to say on that topic, not what unrelated people may have been saying in the last few days.

    It’s more work for the user to have to scroll around to find the relevant category on the sidebar, when there was a ultra convenient link sitting right there at the bottom of the post they just read and enjoyed. That is, if they even understand that they would need to go to Categories to get what want.

    If I’m confused, how will it be for people that came to a blog from a search engine or an outside link?

    Another point is that all WordPress blogs should behave as consistently as possible. If people are used to things working one way on self-hosted blogs, should do the same thing unless there is an overwhelming reason why not.

    Now don’t get me wrong.

    Being able to see who else is blogging on a given topic is a very good feature in itself – but we have a tag surfer for that.

    If you want to build community, which I’d love to do, enhance the tag surfer, don’t throw people unexpectedly off the blog they were reading.



    Then send in a feedback. You’re preaching to the choir. :)



    If you don’t want to participate in the community and get the traffic as a result from that, mark your blog as private under privacy options and your tag links will all become local, and you’ll be hidden from tag pages and the tag surfer.



    For the forty zillionth time, that is not the issue. People do not necessarily mind being part of the tags system. The issue is usability. The issue is post category links failing to behave as people expect them to, propelling unsuspecting readers out of our space and into yours. It’s not the loss of the readers I mind. They are more than welcome to go wherever they choose. Trouble is, they’re not choosing. There is still nothing there to tell them that the post categories are global tags and the sidebar categories are local ones. Nothing. Why do you think I changed my categories header to ‘Local Tags’? I was trying to throw them a bone and make my blog marginally easier to navigate.

    That said, propelling unsuspecting users out of our space and into yours could be considered a form of payment for the traffic the tag system sends our way, much as our sites include a linkback to in return for the free blog. If this is why you insist on keeping the global tag links obscure, please just say so, and quit obfuscating.

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