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  1. thechroniclesofmunchkinland

    Any chance that we're going to have an option or do I need to go elsewhere? I hate showing my category list because it's long and cumbersome. That's why I brought my blog here; for my own categories.

    Any chance? This straight up sucks.,

  2. Probably best bet would be to find a host for your blog and either install WordPress yourself or have them do it for you. Most hosters have autoinstallers that will install WordPress for you.

  3. I definitely like that there are global tags, because they allow me to browse for people who are writing on the topics I'm interested in, and have sent people to my blog for the same reasons. They promote the discovery of new blogs and interaction between users.

    However, I agree with most of the other commenters that tags within one's blog should refer to local content.

  4. yea. its pretty confusing to the readers. they click on the 'posted in ABCD' link and are lost.

    most of the readers of my blog are not bloggers. so some asked me whether i wrote all those posts which appear when they click on the 'posted in ____' link.

    can u please correct this. atleast give us an option to change it.

    thank u

  5. Send in a feedback. Myself and others have suggested labeling the liunk differently which is done elsewhere. Hopefully we can convince Matt to change on this one. :)

  6. I suppose, this time it is rather Donncha who needs to be convinced. unfortunately he likes his creative feature very much, although in his own blogs (, used separate lines: one for local blog categories and another for tags (local or external tag-aggregator's like 'technorati').

  7. Count me as another vote against having my post tag links go to global content.

    That is very unintuitive, and not what I would want to happen when I'm in the middle of browsing someone's blog.

    When I'm at the bottom of a post I just read looking at those tag links I want to know what else that particular person has to say on that topic, not what unrelated people may have been saying in the last few days.

    It's more work for the user to have to scroll around to find the relevant category on the sidebar, when there was a ultra convenient link sitting right there at the bottom of the post they just read and enjoyed. That is, if they even understand that they would need to go to Categories to get what want.

    If I'm confused, how will it be for people that came to a blog from a search engine or an outside link?

    Another point is that all WordPress blogs should behave as consistently as possible. If people are used to things working one way on self-hosted blogs, should do the same thing unless there is an overwhelming reason why not.

    Now don't get me wrong.

    Being able to see who else is blogging on a given topic is a very good feature in itself - but we have a tag surfer for that.

    If you want to build community, which I'd love to do, enhance the tag surfer, don't throw people unexpectedly off the blog they were reading.

  8. Then send in a feedback. You're preaching to the choir. :)

  9. If you don't want to participate in the community and get the traffic as a result from that, mark your blog as private under privacy options and your tag links will all become local, and you'll be hidden from tag pages and the tag surfer.

  10. For the forty zillionth time, that is not the issue. People do not necessarily mind being part of the tags system. The issue is usability. The issue is post category links failing to behave as people expect them to, propelling unsuspecting readers out of our space and into yours. It's not the loss of the readers I mind. They are more than welcome to go wherever they choose. Trouble is, they're not choosing. There is still nothing there to tell them that the post categories are global tags and the sidebar categories are local ones. Nothing. Why do you think I changed my categories header to 'Local Tags'? I was trying to throw them a bone and make my blog marginally easier to navigate.

    That said, propelling unsuspecting users out of our space and into yours could be considered a form of payment for the traffic the tag system sends our way, much as our sites include a linkback to in return for the free blog. If this is why you insist on keeping the global tag links obscure, please just say so, and quit obfuscating.

  11. I think the problem is that the global and local tags are exactly counterintuitive; they should be reversed. The tags in the sidebar should be the global tags and the ones in the posts themselves should be local. It only makes sense that way; the blogroll takes one off the blog, so wouldn't it make sense to make the links in the sidebar OFF the blog and the ones within the posts INSIDE the blog? Just simply as a usability issue.

  12. usability?
    you're arguing this with people who repeatedly recommend hand-crafting uri's as a viable means of navigation.

  13. why shouldn't we arguing about usability with people who pretend to be "focusing on aesthetics, web standards, and usability"?

    to raincoaster:

    I like the idea of putting off-site GT links in the sidebar -- it could be a nice widget manifestly called "GLOBAL WORDPRESS.COM TAGS(tm)" which would make a very good company to its plain old "Categories" fellow, for the end users could decide for themself which one of them (or may be even both) they would want to put on the sidebar of theirs.

    I also beleive that this issue can be solved even more easily: just by adding link to GT in the brackets and noticeably labeled, right after each of the Local Category name.

    just as I've proposed 7 months before in the (skip through straight down to the "Constructor" section, note 'href' and 'title' attributes on the big 'W' link).

  14. They don't want to make explicit that post category links lead to global tags because people would be less likely to click on them: as already stated a couple of times in this thread, it's much more likely that your reader is going to want to know what you've had to say on the topic throughout the history of your blog than what a bunch of random users have been posting about it over the past few days.

    And they don't want to put global tag links in a sidebar widget because we might decide not to use it, and they don't want to give us the option of not linking back to global tags unless we've opted out of the system. That's fair enough, I think.

    Considered from the point of view of maximising traffic to the global tags pages, the current setup makes perfect sense, however counterintuitive it is to bloggers and users. I can't believe it took me this long to figure out the rationale behind it.

  15. Yeah that's the rationale. What's great is to hear or shall I say see is you stating it so eloquently. It's a backwards arrangement for a reason and that reason is to maximize traffic to the global tags pages.

  16. hmmm ... I'm wondering: do others have anything to say?

  17. The solution is simple.

    Separate the concepts of tags and categories (you can essentially use the same underlying code for both in terms of UI elements).

    Categories go back to the blog they were posted on and show up in the sidebar.

    Tags go to the global tag pages.

    It makes sense for what the definitions of the two elements are. Categories are how you organize your content, tags are how you add semantic information to your posts.

    Themes would have to be adjusted to show both categories and tags in the meta-entry. Bonus points if you can rig up the new system in such a way that it doesn't break old themes and they show both categories and tags while newer themes can make the distinction.

  18. I'd even add a tag widget to the sidebar as well.

  19. What you suggest makes a great deal of sense to me. :)

  20. interesting proposal.

    the themes would all have to be recoded to show two seperate functions anyways, but it's still worth persuing.

    perhaps they could build a system where we could use tags embedded in the post, as well (e.g., [tag]web 2.0[/tag] so that we could reference discussion around

  21. Thanks for all your suggestions! This thread doesn't seem to be going anywhere new so I'm going to close it for now.

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