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Category heirarchies not displaying

  1. I've just started using WordPress and have defined a few nested categories and have published some test posts. The category names show up but only in a simple A-Z alphabetical listing. The nesting is not displayed and I have no control over the order in which the categories are listed. Is the behavior that I am experiencing the limit of what WP can do with categories?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I did think of a way to force the heirarchical structure that I want by simply prefixing the names of the categories with appropriate alphanumerics. It would be much better if these ordering attributes were stored as attributes of the category rather than in the category name itself. As I'm sure you know it is inappropriate to embed "information" in the name of something.

  3. +/- icons should also be available to expand/collapse category trees. Otherwise the list of categories will get too long.

    Providing a nested tree structure (categories) for the locating of documents (posts) is old stuff. WP should really provide this as standard fair by now.

  4. My listing of categories says at the top right and top left of the listing that there are 5 items. However only one of my categories and "uncategorized" shows in the list. I can search for one of the categories that does not display when I go into categories and WP will find it but when I revert to "all" categories I still see only one of my items and uncategorized. On my web page all 4 of the items that I entered are displayed. I've cleared recent content and refreshed the page numerous times but I can't get the list of categories to display all of the categories.

  5. To display the hierarchy, when you have created categories plus subcategories, you go to Appearance > Widgets, open the Category widget you've added to Sidebar, check the option "Show hierarchy", Save.
    You can also check the option " Display as dropdown" if you don't want a long list in your sidebar.

    If you don't want the categories to be ordered alphabetically, you can create a custom menu in Appearance > Menus, add all your categories to it, change their order (as well as create nesting without having to turn the categories into actual subcategories), then display this menu in your sidebar via a Custom Menu widget.
    For details on custom menus see this post of mine:

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