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    I’m a brand new WordPress user and still trying to find my way around. When I looked at themes before joining (they displayed differently when I wasn’t logged in), it seemed that they could show the hierarchies within categories clearly on the main page. However, now I’ve set up a blog I’ve only been able to find one or two which do this, and I don’t particularly like them. What’s going on here?

    The blog I need help with is


    No, most themes do this. You need to go to Appearance>Widgets, activate the widgets you want (because the default sidebar items aren’t always identical to them), then open the Categories widget and tick the option “Show hierarchy”.


    Thank you, it’s looking much happier! Now I just have to work out how to show excerpts for each post when a category is clicked on, rather than the whole thing. I know I saw it somewhere…



    In most themes the main posts page —and in many themes the category and monthly archive pages as well— normally display a number of full posts. If your posts are long, you may prefer to limit the total length of the pages, in order to avoid excessive scrolling and/or better showcase your latest posts at a glance. It’s also advisable if you post many images or videos, as they may take too long to load.
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    and here >


    Thank you! I’ve switched to the Sapphire theme, which I’m not quite as happy with but it seems to be the best for my needs in general. Unless I’ve missed something and you can figure out a way of getting this excerpt function working in the Regulus theme?

    While I’m being a pest of a newbie and bothering you with questions, is there any way to change the date on posts? I’ve been copying in and cutting up a ludicrously long article I originally wrote on my LJ, and with one thing and another I somehow ended up putting up the sections out of order. It doesn’t matter so much when you go straight from the main page, as I link to them all in the correct order there, but when you read the posts individually they link to the ones before and after them (one thing I do like about Sapphire), and I’d like that to be correct. It’s only one post out of order, but it’s the one that goes right at the start.

    Also, I’m rather startled to see posts by other bloggers being randomly linked to at the bottom of mine. Is this something that happens with some themes but not others, and how can I stop it?


    Ignore the question about backdating, I worked it out. I still can’t find a way to get rid of those automatically generated “possibly related posts”, though. I really don’t want them on my site.



    You could check these two posts:

    > Appearance > Themes >Extra is where you can shut off “possibly related posts”

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