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  1. While on a page with the category link, "Weekly House Updates," the link connects you to a wordpress page:, instead of to the categories on our site.

  2. WordPress dot com is obviously not a suitable vehicle for this kind of site.

  3. Actually it may be. There is the private blog option and it may be more suitable

  4. I wouldn't think a realtor would want a private site. Or did I miss something?

  5. @atthe404-I don't see a realty site, but what seems to be a "Christian works" site, which is set up like a traditional (ie pre-blog) site. The navigation is a bit interesting because it looks like the Posts page itself is hidden and all you are seeing is static Pages. The only time you'll see the Posts themselves is via the widgets in the sidebar (Recent Posts, Archives, Calender, and Categories).

    Or maybe I'm missing something as well. (checking marbles now...)

  6. Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for the repeat question. I looked through the forums more this morning and realized it's an issue other people have concerns about too. It does seem to make sense, as others have brought up, to have categories be blog-specific, and tags be global. The "scripture study" category link does seem to remain on our site at this point, so it's not even consistent...

    And, so far, I'm happy with the way we've been able to set up the site with static pages and the posts as kind of extras on the sidebar.

    Thanks for your help.

  7. I'm sorry we can't be of more help. The way categories and tags work is up to staff. Volunteers don't have any more input into the decision-making than other bloggers do. If you want staff to become aware of your position during week days and support hours you can use thi link to let them know how you think tags and categories should be treated

    Happy blogging. :)

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