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    The category links at the top of my postings seem to lead to a listing of posts from all users filed to the same category, instead of just posts from my blog.

    Not sure if this is relevant here or not, but I am using my own domain for my blog.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions!



    All categories you assign to your posts will go to the global tag pages. In your sidebar however when your readers click on categories they will be only to posts on your own blog.

    Here’s 2 examples of global tag pages urls:

    (change the last word to any category)



    BTW, this is counterintuitive, sure, but it’s not all bad.

    Part of the reason our blogs do so well in Google and other search engines is the way these tags are set up. Every tag on your post counts as a link going out to the global tag page. Every global tag page for tags that you use counts as a link from a very important website to your blog. That is how search engines rank blogs, and that is one reason why has so much googlejuice.



    It’s gaming the system. It’s not right. It doesn’t match the user’s intuitive expectation for what the link should do.



    well, it really is.

    it simply beyond of (at least mine) logic, but unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about here, so you might also want to voice your opinion on this subject at the



    Sorry. Irrelevant comment deleted.



    +1, this is really lame behavior.



    Lame behaviour that boosts your google ranking. You always have the option of downloading the free WordPress software and hosting your own site.

    Me, I’m all about the google juice. I like the way this works, now that I understand it.

    Also, if you want to make your opinion known to staff, communicate with staff. That’s not done through the forum; its’ done through the support button on your blog during their hours.



    how can I add a link in the Text widget to appear on the sidebar.

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