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  1. Hi,

    I have just open a blog on wordpress,com and I was wondering whether it is possible to limit the list of posts once you click to a category of one post to *just the posts of my blog* and not also to other posts of other blogs having the same category.

    Any tip?

    Sebastiano Moruzzi

  2. Yes, there are two tag search functions built into your blog. One is the Global Tag search, which is what you get when someone clicks on the tag on a particular post: it goes to WordPress's global tag page for that tag, where all of the blogs who've used that tag are listed.

    The other is the Local Tag Search, which is what you get when you click on a tag in your sidebar; this takes you to a page that lists only YOUR posts using that tag.

    It is perfectly counterintuitive in my opinion to have them set up that way; they should be the opposite way. But both functions are there already.

  3. Many thanks! Could you also tell me where can I find these options?

  4. You cannot reset the options; they are hard-coded into the theme. I wish we could switch them around, but we can't.

  5. What a nuisance! This is really disappointing. Many thanks again anyway.

    The only way, I guess, is to customize the name of my categories in such way that the search operates, as a matter of fact, only in my blog.

    Sebastiano Moruzzi

  6. Yes, I've done that for some of my categories, but it's not worth it to do it for most of them, in my experience. I get a LOT, and I mean a LOT, of hits through the global search pages. It doesn't make sense to cut yourself off from them.

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