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    I have recently started a new blog and in the process of moving content over from the old blog to the new, I’m facing some difficulties with the new blog that are not there on the one old.

    1. The nested order of my categories from my old blog (sonsofcorax) has changed on my new one (shadowhawksshade). When I try to correct the order, the system tells me that “I’m cheating” and that I’m not allowed to do this.

    2. I use the older WP-ADMIN layout for everything and in the “New Post” page when I try to do my posts in the new blog, while the writing window is the same size as before, my text takes up only about 60% of the space, though the final post on the live blog is fine. Is there any way to correct this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @sonsofcorax,

    in the process of moving content over from the old blog to the new

    – Can you clarify what process you’re using? Export and import, then removing unwanted posts, may be the way to go. That way your images and what not should get imported as well.

    – Can you also give specific steps to where you’re getting the error about cheating? It usually means you’re using a process we didn’t anticipate.

    – Can you also get screenshots re: the last point so we can see what you’re seeing? You can upload to a site like or just put them in your media library.



    I’m simply exporting from my old blog using the tools already provided in the WP-ADMIN settings, and then importing in the new one using the same tools. There were 5 .XML files created of which three have transferred and two are still pending as they were giving some errors and I have already submitted a thread for those.

    The same goes for trying to correct my categories. I’m going to the Category panel and making the changes there.



    OK, so you are using the regular import process? Also are you exporting only certain posts or exporting the entire blog? I’d recommend the latter.

    Let’s get that resolved first, since moving catgories around mid-import could cause some confusion in itself.

    Then we’ll figure out why you’re having trouble moving categories.



    I am exporting and importing the entire blog



    OK. We’ll keep testing here.

    I took a quick look at the old site and noticed it had a lot of tags – over 14,000, many of which were used only once. I’m not positive whether that would cause problems with the export, but I am positive that too many tags in each post can cause exposure problems because your site will be seen as spammy.

    Would you be willing to consider cutting down the number of tags to see whether that affect the import issues?

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