Category Not Updated. Why not?

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    I did search the forums here and the only topic about this was never resolved and after a few responses, was closed.

    I’ve been trying to rename a parent category from Differing Arts to Arts but it will only give me the “Category not updated” line. If I enter any other name that isn’t Art or Arts, then it allows me to change the name.

    I would prefer “Error!” rather than “Category not updated,” as then at least I would know something of use (such as there is an error in the system, they’ll fix it), rather than telling me what they are telling me I can do, is in reality not doable.



    It seems this is an error in the system and what is needed to change the name is contacting the support team. Apparently parent categories with similar names to ‘child’ categories don’t play too well together in the playground.

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