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    Can I and how do I put my Catergories in a certain order… like alphabetically.



    I guess you haven’t noticed but once you drag and drop your categories widget into your sidebar, enter categories in the admin area of your blog, and write at least one post and assign a category to it VOILA! categories are displayed in your sidebar in alphabetical order. That’s the way they are coded to display – alphabetically. It’s also the way your links will be displayed. :)
    Edit: Ahhh … I see from your blog that this is no longer an issue.



    The themes pretty much list the categories in the way the theme designer designed the theme. The category widget gives you a few options as well if you use it.

    If you want a specific order though, best bet would be to create a Text Widget and copy and paste over the category HTML and edit it to your liking.

    Hope this helps,

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