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  1. mycheleanjelica

    I know there is a category template for .org users is this available to .com users?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Depends on which theme you are using. The blog linked to your username has been deleted, so we'd need to know which blog you mean. Please give us a link, starting with http:// to make it clickable.

  3. On you can assign each post to one or more categories. Then you can use a category widget in your sidebar to access the categories. Or you can make a custom menu so that category pages will be available on the navigation bar.

    Some themes have page templates. One (Bueno) has a template which lists posts in each of your categories.

    [*] Bueno features two related templates:
    “Archives”: last 30 posts, categories, months;
    “Sitemap”: pages, categories, all posts (by category)

  4. ~morning Jen!
    I understood the question as being about in general—Bueno is the only theme I know which specifically lists category posts on a page.

  5. mycheleanjelica


    The new theme linen has the page design i was going for. I just wasn't sure if it can only be done in premium themes

  6. We volunteers don't have access to the premium (paid) themes offered by so we can't say whether Linen offers that feature or no.

  7. mycheleanjelica

    I think i figured it out...thank you!!!

  8. ~~morning tess (late afternoon here)

    Hopefully whatever page templates are available in premium themes are being displayed on their relative demo site! If not, they certainly should be.

    Hopefully some day, we'll get a category shortcode in addition to the existing archives shortcode (fingers crossed)

  9. I went to preview Linen but because one can't edit w/o buying, it didn't seem to have the same template page as Bueno. Could have something similar, but if it's called something else it wouldn't show up in the preview.

    The demo site shows what appear to be category pages (food, travel) with a featured image for each post and "read more" tag. But it seems to have the restriction of showing the same number of posts as were specified for the home page.

    A category shortcode list (or additions to the archives code to make it more versatile) would indeed be nice. This person would be interested in an authors' post list:

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