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Category problem: shows not all

  1. Hi All

    Today I'm faced whith strange problem. I've 17 posts with some category, when I click this categry it shows only 10 posts. Then in the settings - > reading - at [Blog pages show at most]pointed 12 then cliked category tag again this shows 12 posts though I've 17 posts. Is [Blog pages show at most] and [show categry posts] realted?

    I think [Blog pages show at most] must show 10 posts at home page.
    <b>When I click category tag it must show all posts is not it?</b>

    Where is porblem, <b>pls check it in your blogs...</b>
    I think that's serious bug ...

    (i'm using Vault9 theme)


  2. pls, check it in your blogs

  3. Without more specifics, we can't investigate it on your blog.

    Please give us the link to a category, how many items SHOULD show up in it, and how many you see in Edit.

  4. Also: it's possible this is the vanishing Previous Posts bug. If you look on one individual post and don't see the Previous Post link, that means your blog has the bug. If you look at a category page and there is actually more than one page of entries in that category AND you have the bug, you won't see that link, so you'll see only the most recent ones.

  5. How many shows category? thats depends on setting:
    settings - > reading - [Blog pages show at most]
    if there is 12 then 12, if 10 then 10 though I've 17 posts or more by this category.

    for example: there is 13 posts
    shows only 10, there is no any bag but I think this related with [Blog pages show at most] settings.

  6. I noticed this problem exitsts in many of blogs.
    for example look at thisаллаһтың-көркем-есімдері/
    shows only 10 but I'm sure there is more than 20

  7. I've looked at some other blogs. As with the problem from last week, it looks like it might be limited to Cyrillic-alphabet blogs, although it might also include Greek ones. I see yours includes both alphabets, so maybe that's the issue. Send a Support message in.

  8. So this is not a bug or a strange problem you face today, just a feature you only happened to notice today! Yes, the number you set at Settings>Reading (= how many posts you see on each page of your blog) applies both to your general post pages AND your posts-under-a-category pages (no matter what theme you use). In both cases you get a "previous entries" button if the posts are more than the number set. Perhaps you're right in wishing for a separate setting, but at the moment it's not so. An unlimited number of posts per category page, however, might be reasonable only on the (three, if I remember well) themes that display titles instead of posts when you click on a category.

  9. (raincoaster: on baurdotnet's as well as abuhajar's blog the "previous entries" exists and functions alright.)

  10. Then what for categegres??? 8-|
    I thought category is for quick search :(

    Even if search function behaves like this, nonsense. we have to use google in order to find requested info!?

    I know with that category many of posts but I can't see them.

  11. If for per page allows only 10 post why not to use pageing as google?!

    as "Perv 1, 2, ... 10 Next"

  12. The principal reason for setting a limit to the posts displayed on a single blog page, as I'm sure you know, is to avoid problems with loading (especially if the posts include photos, videos etc). This is no less necessary on a category page than it is on the general post page. Plus, above a certain number it ceases to be practical for a reader anyway (if I came to have too many posts under a category, I would devise new sub-categories). If you don't like having to click for previous entries, you can simply specify a number high enough for you (it can be as high as you wish). And if you want 100 posts visible on each category page while only 10 on the general one, or "pageing as google", perhaps you should be talking not to us but to the WP staff at the Ideas/Suggestions section instead.

  13. :(

  14. There are many blogs I cannot even open, because they have too many posts on the front page and they crash my browser. It costs them, because if I link to a blog it will get 25-150 hits. That's not just my situation; it's common. Don't set your front page to have an enormous number of posts.

  15. I'm so relied in search ability of blog when I began to write ...
    ok I can user google for public blog what about private?

  16. I don't understand the questions. Of course you can't google for info on a private blog, unless they've badly screwed up. Private blogs are private.

  17. Sorry, that was just my browser problem!!!

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