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Category question

  1. Hi,

    For the category is their a way not to make it in alphabetical order for my bookmarks? ex on the right side of my page I want "more links" to be affiliates but I want it to be in the same spot.

  2. Not without getting into the core files and that, at this point, isn't possible.

  3. Everything in my sidebar, I didn't want it in alphabetical order. So I put numbers next to everything in the order that I wanted them to show. lol

  4. Okay, now I feel like an idiot. There's an obvious answer that never even occured me. Thanks, Nosysnoop.

  5. Actually there is a method. Just create a text widget and manually list the pages in the order you want them. Then deactivate the Pages widget. Should work. :)

  6. No don't feel like an idiot. The other week I started a thread saying my blog had been hacked. lol I don't like the numbers next to it but that's what I did at the time. Now I finally the other week learned how to finally work with text widgets and I'm thinking of changing everything now to text widgets so that it can be easier to just move it all around in the Presentation area.

  7. nosysnoop how did you put that myspace on thier? Everytime I do it, it just comes up with the code.

  8. First download one of the MySpace images that MySpace provides by clicking Promote at the bottom of your MySpace page. Then go to your site's dashboard and click Manage. Then click Categories. Then I created a new category. After that, click Bookmarks and then also click Add Bookmark. And there, you paste the url link of your MySpace in URL:. Then click Advanced and there you add the url of the MySpace image. I upload mine at imageshack. Then on the right, click the new category you created that you want this bookmark in. Then click Add Bookmark >>

    But lately with me, I can't edit anything on my categories. Like I want to move them around or re-arrange them but then it gets all screwy. You're better off creating a new Text Widget and placing all the code there because it's easier to delete or edit. If you don't know the code for a clickable image, I can give it to you.

  9. Wow, where did all these ideas come from all the sudden? Now I have to make some time to redo my sidebar as text widgets so I can have direct control over how they display. I knew this forum was worth keeping up with. Thanks, drmike, et al.

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