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    im trying to redirect my category. theres a widget you can redirect, but it only gives me the options for my post. however, i know there’s a way this can be done but can’t figure it out.

    i searched on youtube, and the lady was supposebly able to do it by downloading the redirect widget and able to make a category called facebook that went to

    i need to be able to redirect my category to go to my forums, also rather than making a duplicate home page when you click home, just redirect it to my home url.

    i would appreciate it if anyone knows how to do this.

    thanks for reading.

    The blog I need help with is



    The blog linked to your username is a free hosted blog that’s devoid of any blogger created content. Please post the URL starting with http:// for the exact site you are referring to.



    ok, hold on.


    Member this is my actual site, my apologies. however, please note im very new to this. i used a guide to get wordpress on my site. i got mixed up with and basically i think what the video did was put a theme which is what i want to use for my site. the theme is called “arras.” but wordpress is the interface im using. im not sure how it worked out, but the video helped me. im using a free host, but im eventually going to use a paid host. for now, im figuring out how to use this thing and set my website looking nice and then im going to get a paid host, most likely godaddy unless u guys recommend a better host and purchase invisionpower forums.


    Hi gain,
    That site is not being hosted by and you are posting to the wrong support forum. We cannot help you here. Support for your website software and any advice you need are provided on the support forums and they are here

    If you don’t have a username account at, click and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post to those forums.



    yes, it is hosted by wordpress. i can take a pic as proof. also, im pretty sure its a widget to set the category redirect, but im having problems with it.



    since you cant edit post and i dont wanna double post, if this image code doesnt work, ill post a direct link. this is my dashboard for my website. i use to edit my website, but for the theme. if thats possible? im not sure, im new to this, but all i know it i edit it using as you can see with the images. “rswealth” and i have 1 category/post, aka “home” is the only category on my web


    if the above image code doesnt work, here is the direct link:



    i just made another category, ‘forum’ which i would like to redirect it when you click it my invisionpower forum board. however, in order for it to show up or ‘activate’ your category, you have to make a post for it, and when you click it, it shows the post.

    by the way, what is a page? i tried to create one, but nothing showed up.

    i have a friend and his wordpress site, when you click home, goes to home, when you click forum, goes to forums.

    check it out:
    im trying to make mine work like his site.



    As timethief already pointed out, is not a site, it’s a self-hosted site. You’re in the wrong forum.


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    To be clear: there are different kinds of WordPress.
    and they may not be what you expect (by the names):



    wow! i feel really dumb. (lol) the logos look so similar, so when i compared them, i know realize ‘.ORG’s’ logo is basically the same. I knew there was a difference, but I really thought mine was a ‘.COM.’ Well, thanks for the help fellas and I’ll see y’all around ………………………………………. …………………………………………………………………………………………..UNTIL NEXT TIME!




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