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Category RSS feed not picking up all posts in the category

  1. frontrangescribbles

    I am trying to d a RSS category feed for music, when I run it the feed it does not pick up all of my posts in the music category. SOme of the post the only category marked is music but it does not show up in the RSS feed

    The blog I need help with is


    Do not create Categories and Tags with the same keywords. This will make you appear to search engines as if you are tag spamming because they treat both categories and tags in exactly the same way. Also note that if you do not edit and remove the duplication now you will be facing an editing mess in the future.

  3. frontrangescribbles

    I guess I don't understand your response, both links you use have the same category of music, both have a tag of the artists name and one shows up in the RSS feed the other does not.

  4. note the URLs please

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