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category to tag converter backfired!!

  1. hi
    I was going to convert 4 of my 20+ categories to tags as I've used those 4 only once & won't be using them frequently. But as I clicked the button to convert(after selecting 4 categories), it converted all my categories to tags & now all my categories are gone!! :( :(

    I've 170+ posts & re-creating categories & re-assigning them would be very very difficult. Can you guys please look into it & restore my categories?

    thanks in advance! :)

  2. Can you guys please look into it & restore my categories?

    this request is directed towards the staff. :)

  3. Contact staff during their office hours using the Support button on your Dashboard. That's the most efficient way to report a problem.

  4. yeah I've contacted support just now. lets see what they do & when. I hope they do something & are able to give me back my categories. :)

  5. Its been resolved. I got an email from Barry & he converted all my tags to categories! I lost category sub-category relations but thats ok, atleast got my categories back! :)

  6. YAY! I'm glad to here Barry helped you and this issue is resolved.
    Happy blogging. :)

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