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Category to tag problem.

  1. Well ever since the style switch thingamajig that went on I've been steadily annoyed by that new 'frequently used' default setting (not to mention the new position) of the category selector. SO I figured hey what the heck I'll just convert them all to tags. Lo and behold I go into the converter and I can't select one of my main categories. I notice also the check box beside it in the manage section is gone as well. So... what'd I do that's not allowing me to use this properly?

  2. Please give us a link to your blog, starting with http, plus your browser and version, and whether or not you've performed the Cookie Dance (log out, clear browser cache and cookies, restart computer, reload page).

    Running lolifox 0.3.6 (pretty much the same as firefox if you've never heard of it) And no I've not done the cookie dance.

  4. I was told that you can't have more than12 categories and tags combined. It just changed without ANY warning. Nice one WordPress! Now NONE of my tags or posts are listed.

  5. It didn't just change, it's been that way for a long time. And does not give any warning, typically. That's just how they do things.

    uthek, do the cookie dance and report back.

  6. Ah there would be the most likely culprit I've got about thirty child categories under the one I can't do anything with.

  7. If it's been that way for a 'long' time why hasn't been in effect until today when most of my posts seem to have more than this limit?

  8. You'll have to ask staff. All I know is, they've been saying it in the forums for months now, but implementation is erratic, as you can see if you look at the Posts of the Day. I've seen 25 tags/cats on some of those. If they get reported as spam, though, they vanish off that list pretty quickly I've also noticed. Maybe you slid under the radar?

  9. uthek, I'm not sure I understand you: you can have as many total categories and tags as you want, but if you use more than a combo of 12 on any one particular post, that'll get dropped off the global pages.

  10. Oh no what's happened is I have a 'parent category' and then about thirty other categories under that one each with one or two posts in it. As I probably won't use those categories again I thought heck let's clean it up by converting a bunch to tags. But I can't convert them because it doesn't shop up in the lists after I push the convert whatever to stuff button. The button thing beside it in the listing is also gone so even if I wanted to I couldn't delete the category.
    All I can do is add to it, I haven't tried moving categories out of it yet though.

  11. Well I'm reading that wrong there's only around 19 or so categories under the parent category in question. The thirty is in fact posts using that category. It's not important it's just because I only use each of these once or twice and the odd one or two I use three times have taken over the 'most used' thing and it's too much of a hassle to switch that new thing over to all and then scroll through the now tiny (as compared to how it used to be) window that's now a fair bit of scrolling beneath the text window as opposed to when it was just off the right where it was you know, convenient.

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