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Category: What do you call non-creative writing?

  1. My blog is about different kinds of writing. I have several categories, many of them belongs to Writing - Creative - Writing - and then prose, haikus, stories and causeries. But then I also write about writing; writing exercises, how to create a good character and so on.

    Where to put haikus, prose, stories and chanceries is obvious, that belongs to the creative writing. But what do you call it when it is a piece of writing about writing? That is not creative, it is something else... but what?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Non-Fiction?

    "Writing Techniques"?

  3. Essay, treatise, thesis. Or exposition perhaps.

  4. Writing Skills?
    Practice Exercises?
    Skill building exercises?
    Writing Aids?
    Creative Skills?
    Creative Techniques?
    Writing Class?

  5. Yes, maybe Writing Techniques is good...
    If anyone else have any suggestions, Im happy to listen


  6. @sutta43

    A topic like this, where you are wondering how to name tags or categories on your posts, where you are asking about advise about specific category and tag names, is not a technical question about how to use wordpress software.

    The forum you want to ask such questions is "Off Topic" where folks can give you advice about such subjective questions.

    I'll move this topic over there for you to continue the discussion.

  7. How about "Other Writing Gems"?

  8. Some ideas:

    "The Craft"
    "About the Craft"
    "The Business of Writing"

  9. Yeh Yeh :-)

    It sounds as a lot of good suggestions. Feel free to give me more :-) I´ll pick one after the weekend.


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