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Category widget : hierarchy won't appear

  1. The category widget has a hierarchy option, wether you want it to appear or. It seems like it doesn't work any more : all the categories are listed without differenciation.

    On my blog :

    There's a widget called "Billet triés par..." ("Entries ordered by..."). The first 4 categories are sub-categories of the category Authors, all the other ones are sub-categories of the category Themes.

    Before, the widget showed :
    Authors (49)
    Catharsis (9)
    Invités (4)
    Julien (6)
    Rémi (30)
    Themes (49)
    Cinéma (14)
    Famille (5)

    Can anyone help me to fix this back ?

  2. manseekingcoffee

    I've noticed the same problem on my blog: I just contacted support so I'm hoping they will get back to me. I did notice that what it's doing is listing them alphabetically, regardless of hierarchy. I've checked the options in the categories widget and everything is set up correctly. I've also noticed that the problem seems to be regardless of browser: it's there on IE, Safari and Firefox. WordPress just made that big change to the dashboard (without an email or any kind of notifcation that the change had happened or why!!) so I suspect it might have something to do with that change.

  3. This seems to be working to fix the hierarchies on my blog (

    I go into one of the subcategories, bring up the category list and re-check its parent category.

    So, when I was seeing this:

    Amaze'n Farmyard
    Art Institute of Chicago
    Best Western Ramkota "Splash-tacular" Waterpark
    Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad
    Boone County Historical Society
    Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
    Charles A. Lindbergh House
    Chicago History Museum

    I went to the "edit" page for "Chicago History Museum" and replaced the missing check-mark by the parent "Chicago" category.

    This fixed all of the subcategories of "Chicago" so now I see this:

    Historic Sites

    Art Institute of Chicago
    Chicago History Museum
    Field Museum of Natural History
    Lincoln Park Zoo
    Museum of Science and Industry
    Notebaert Nature Center
    Sears Tower
    Mankato Public Library

    And although "Illinois" is showing as a parent of Chicago now, the other Illinois subcategories still are not there, so I'll have to go in and adjust them as well.

    It's going to take me forever to fix all of my categories, but if you've only got two parent categories, it shouldn't be too bad.

    I hope this information is helpful.

  4. Arggh, the post ate my spaced "hierarchies." This is what the "after":

    Historic Sites
    ----Art Institute of Chicago
    ----Chicago History Museum
    ----Field Museum of Natural History
    ----Lincoln Park Zoo
    ----Museum of Science and Industry
    ----Notebaert Nature Center
    ----Sears Tower
    ----Mankato Public Library

    Might make more sense now.

  5. thereisanotherworld

    I'm having the same problem. Introduced the category widget a few days back, made a hierarchy, and it worked fine for a few days. Now, randomly, they are not working.

  6. The same here: before, classifying a post under a sub-category made the parent category appear as well in the widget, which was really convenient cos you only ticked the once. I believe that this is why most of my parent categories do not appear anymore now : I did not check them per se, as ticking on a sub-category would bring its parent anyway. Now I have to go to each post and retick on the parents and I have around 115 categories altogether for 55-odd posts... :S

  7. @minnemom : Your tip did work, everything was fixed after just one change ! Thanks a lot !

  8. Just an update: indeed, as aspeum and minnemom said, once you go to at least one post with the parent category and tick it back, then EVERYTHING is back to normal. No need to go thouch each post. And then when you click on the Paent category it is not just the one article that you ticked back that appear, but all the posts in the sub-categories of that category, just like before. I have only about 7 o 8 parent categories so when I did that to a few posts then everythign was back to normal. Thanks everybody.

    @aspeum, you might consider closing this thread as "resolved"

  9. Glad I could be helpful for once! I did get all of mine fixed eventually. It took a while because I've got a ton of categories and subcategories.

    Now I just have to keep an eye on it to be sure it works right for future posts.

  10. @sunnisme : done

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