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    I posted this earlier in the thread “Categories numbers disappeared” but then noticed the author had already clicked ‘resolved.’ I do not think anyone will be reading that thread now and my problem is not resolved at all.

    Whilst the category numbers are back, the ‘edit’ feature on my Categories widget is missing. I would remove it and insert again but since there is no edit button, I am unable to. Just now, I noticed the option of adding the category button was available. I wanted to see if the ‘edit’ button would work if I just added it. It did . . . that is until I pressed the ‘save’ button. As you can see, now I have <b>two</b> categories showing up on my blog and the edit button not showing up for either.

    Click here, to see what it looks like from my dashboard.


    Yeah, the category post count thing disappeared for a while. I think it’s WordPress’ side, since I tried editing and removing and remaking and the whatnots and it didn’t work, then it came back today. o_o

    Hm… I noticed that your category widget is titled “Categories: Browse by Category”, while mine is just Category (I don’t think different themes give that much of a difference, but who knows).

    Have you tried the following?
    1. Logging out of WordPress and logging in again
    2. Refresh the page
    3. Clear your browser cache

    It could be the browser playing a fool, though I’m not too sure. Is the problem only in your dashboard widget section, or does it also show in your blog as well?


    Also, you can take a look at this post for some info:

    Even though it’s text widget and not category, hopefully it’ll work. =D




    The Categories widget is titled “Categories: Browse by Category” because I personalized it about 2 months ago. It is neither theme related nor a recent change.

    I tried logging in and out, refreshing the page, and clearing my browser cache yesterday to no avail. I tried it again now and still no results. I followed the link you provided. I changed themes and the problem was still there. I changed back and again, the problem persists. I suppose the equivalent of removing other text widgets would be to remove other ‘category’ widgets on my blog. I tried adding another yesterday to see if I could remove it and now I am stuck with <i>two</i> Category widgets. I removed a text widget anyway, and it had no effect.

    If you click on my username, you can see that the problem extends to my blog too. It is not just a dashboard issue.

    I cannot think of anything else to do. :(



    I just tried switching from Firefox to IE and the ‘edit’ button is showing up on the latter. I clicked on it and removed the extra widget. I am back to Firefox again and the ‘edit’ button is missing just like it was before.

    Any suggestions as to what the problem could be? I have been using Firefox since before creating my blog. It was fine before. The problem only appeared when the Categories widget numbers disappeared a few days ago. The numbers are back, but the edit button is still missing. I do not want to have to need to switch to IE just to change one widget when all the other ones are working just fine.

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